About Us

15 years ago, Haim Sheena, CEO and Founder , Established  “Al-Rad Medical” in purpose to make a leading Medical equipment company in the field.

His loyal proffesional relations with the Global leading companies, best physicians and the IVF labs crowned the company as a leadership in the frtility field.

Al-Rad Medical engraved on her flag to represent the leading technology companies, to assist in upgrading the proffesional level and to provide fast and devoted service to her clients.

Among the Companies represented by Al-Rad Medical you can find:

SAGE Assisted Reproduction, ESCO , Labotect , PLANER , Origio , Hamilton Thorne ,

TPC- The PIPETTE Company , Halotech , SparMED , SYNGA ,Tokai-Hit , AMI , Leja , Vitromed.


Among our clients you can find Hospitals, MOH, Labs, Universities, BioMed Companies, Start-Up Companies, Research.



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